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The Anatomy of the House with Kumi and Alex


The magic of metaphor musters the spirit of imagination allowing our consciousness, our vim, to travel the nooks and crannies of our bodies.  In this lifetime, we are the occupants tenanting this space, our bodies are our abode, our home.  Metaphor is commonly used in literature to pep the banal and transport us into the abundant realm of imagination.  At Katonah Yoga, we use metaphor as a framework for the work, envisioning our body as a house with three floors and nine rooms; a place we occupy, mess up, clean up, refurbish, redesign, and restore.  We use this metaphor as a tool to gain insight into where one spends most of their time, which parts are overused, underused, relied upon, ignored.  The goal is to occupy the space with efficiency…….travel to and live in every room and utilize what each room offers for our optimal health, safety, well-being, and joy.


However, what Kumi and Alex have noticed throughout trainings in NYC and LA, is that in order for metaphor to maintain its potency, it must be reinforced in reality.  So, for example, it’s sexy to say we’re in the ‘basement of our house’, but where are we really and what happens down there?  We know our bodies are designed to fit, but how? What’s the artful architecture of our roost?  By taking this idea of the body as the house and embroidering it with Kumi’s knowledge of human anatomy -- our biology,  bones, organs, glands, muscles and fascia -- we are better able to understand our experience as both mortals and magicians.  


Join Kumi and Alex for a workshop on the anatomy of the abode...a workshop about human design and how we rouse and revify our make up with the magic of metaphor.


In this workshop we will:

  • Learn to merge the pragmatic functionality of our body’s anatomical landscape with the esoteric charisma and dimension of metaphor and imagination

  • Learn about the Fascial Web and how it connects the whole body from feet to head

  • Understand the organs and glands, their functionality and where they live inside the body

  • Explore the joints and how they fit together, their range of motion potential; the bones and how they connect via the joints to create the framework of our form; the muscles and how they connect, move, and stabilize our bodies


Earlier Event: February 10
Later Event: December 15