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JULY 11-18

VILLAS 1.jpeg

Repeating information births insight, and insight brings information into sight and out of shade.  As we embark on the life-long odyssey of becoming educators, teachers, healers, and humans we are after that which reveals itself to us through learning and knowing; questing and questioning.  

Katonah Yoga trainings are never the same because as each body in the room brings their material which then informs how the Katonah Yoga material informs them, so is true in hearing the Katonah material through different teachers in different locations.  This 30 hour training will be held on the island of Lefkada, Greece perched on cliffside villas with a yoga studio overlooking the Ionian sea. This magical environment will help deepen your dive into Katonah Yoga’s theoretical approach to your asana practice, your teaching, and your life.  

Join us in Lefkada, Greece for a 30 hour intensive where you can plunge into Katonah Yoga, into the ocean, into new friendships, a new environment.



Shared room with shared bathroom: $2400 early bird pricing / $2600 after Dec 31

Shared room with private bathroom: $2600 early bird pricing / $2800 after Dec 31

Private room with private bathroom: $3300 early bird pricing / $3500 after Dec 31

$500 initial deposit holds your spot

structured payment plans are available

Pricing Includes

30 hours of Katonah Yoga led by Alex Sharry and Danielle Rosati

Housing & yoga studio

Private chef serving nibbles in the early morning and 2 full meals per day (brunch & dinner)

Daily cleaning staff & tip 

Pricing DOES NOT Include

Airfare and transportation to retreat center

Alcohol or additional meals served outside of retreat

Rental car or taxis into town

Extracurriculars during free time

Tip for our private chef 


7a-8a:  light nibbles, coffee, tea

8a-10:30a:  training

11a:  brunch


4:00p-6:30p:  training

7:30p:  dinner

EMAIL: alexsharry@gmail.com for more information

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to Aug 1


July 25 - August 1st

Spend a week doing yoga with me and Kate in what’s considered one of the most magical destinations in the world...Sardinia, Italy.  We’ll be taking over two classic style, family-run villas in the historical town of Iglesias, home to 3 out of the 10 worlds best beaches (!!!)


We’ll do tons of yoga (2 classes per day) and Kate and Alex will each lead a workshop.

Our friend and insanely talented chef, Lauren Gerrie will be cooking for us with ingredients sourced from local markets.  Having our own chef changes the retreat experience and takes on a life of it’s own. We’ll witness Lauren’s exploration of local foods, home-prepared to nourish us and evoke a sense of the land.

Tommy Lucas will be assisting us in yoga classes, friendship, fun, and food...we’re so lucky to have him!  

We’ll live together as a crew on our our land, do tons of yoga, soak sun, swim, unwind, visit incredible beaches, and roam the untouched, divine landscape of Sardinia, Italy.

Who’s comin’ with us?  



  • 3 locally-sourced, home-cooked meals per day  (one night we will do dinner out in town and that is not included in rate)

  • Lodging

  • 2 yoga sessions per day

  • 2 yoga workshops


  • Air fare (fly info below)

  • Transport to-from airport (car rent info below), taxi, bus.

  • One lunch or dinner in town

  • Boat trip

  • Excursions into town

  • Gas

  • Alcohol (can buy wine, beer etc in town)


We’re living family-style in these family run villas, so all the room rates are based on a bodies-per-bed basis. See sleeping layout details and pricing below:


5 Bedrooms / 2 bathrooms (NOTE: all bathrooms will be shared)


1 Double Bed


1 person in bed, shared room: $2700

shared bed, shared room: $2300

2 Single Beds (twin)

PRICING: $2200


1 Double Bed


1 person in bed, shared room: $2700

shared bed, shared room: $2300


1 Single Bed



2 Single Beds


$2200 / each


1 Double Bed


Solo, not shared: $3100

Shared: $2500 / each


1 Double Bed


Solo, not shared: $3100

Shared: $2500 / each


5 Bedrooms / 3 bathrooms (NOTE: all bathrooms will be shared)


1 Double Bed


1 person in bed, shared room: $2700

shared bed, shared room: $2300

1 Single Bed




2 Single Beds


$2200 / each


2 Double Beds


1 person in bed, shared room: $2700

shared bed, shared room: $2300


1 Double Bed


Solo, not shared: $3100

Shared: $2500 / each


1 Double Bed


Solo, not shared: $3100

Shared: $2500 / each


  • There is no direct flight to Sardinia, so you will have to fly into a main hub in Italy and scooch over from there.

  • We recommend to flying from ROME into the Cagliari Airport which is 28 miles away from the villa and air prices are most reasonable.

  • CAR RENTAL: This island is small, we recommend renting a car so you can buzz around and explore. If you’re traveling with friends, right now rentals are looking about $50/per person. If you are traveling alone and are looking to be paired with others renting a car, we will help coordinate.

  • FERRY BOAT: check this website for info.

  • TAXIS: There are taxi options from the airport. We can help you coordinate.

  • BUS: There is a local bus, but is not recommended as it’s known to be unreliable.

  • Check-in: Any time in the morning, early afternoon. We will be holding an evening class before dinner.

  • Check-out: We must check-out by 10am on AUG 1. We asked, it’s non-negotiable. Please be mindful of this when booking your flights, cars, etc.


There’s an initial $500 deposit to hold your spot. Retreat payment deadline is MAY 15, 2019. All payments are non-refundable.

Email us to hold your spot



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to Apr 6


April 1st - April 6th

COSTA 2.jpg

Join us for 5 days of Katonah Yoga at the Bodhi Tree Resort in Costa Rica. The retreat will include our usual physical practice, restorative yoga, feet reading, pranayama, magic square and a couple of surprise workshops. Not to worry, there will also be time for spa sessions (we get a discount!) for those who opt, swim time for you mermaids, and a juice bar which promises to delight.

COSTA 1.jpg
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to Dec 16




Saturday & Sunday, December 15-16th (2-7pm)
Price: $300 ($250 before December 10th)

There are certain criteria that all good adjustments share. Beyond a demonstration of good mechanics, this intensive will serve as an experience of how to use information magically; touching someone in a real way, moving someone so they can get out of their own way, affecting someone so they have an insight.

Developing your own vision is the key to learning how to adjust well. The goal of an adjustment is to change someone’s frame of reference. For the most part, since personal style summons one’s unconscious habits, adjusting another practitioner's pose offers a different angle, a new direction, or a re-orientation in order to open a portal of experience impossible on one's own.

We will work pragmatically as well as theoretically, moving through asanas in order to discover how best to approach an adjustment, move a body, affect someone's practice and change a mind. Come fine tune your capacity as an adjuster, develop your relationship to touch and enhance your ability to see more dimensionally in order to enrich another person's vision.

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to Mar 4

The Anatomy of the House with Kumi and Alex


The magic of metaphor musters the spirit of imagination allowing our consciousness, our vim, to travel the nooks and crannies of our bodies.  In this lifetime, we are the occupants tenanting this space, our bodies are our abode, our home.  Metaphor is commonly used in literature to pep the banal and transport us into the abundant realm of imagination.  At Katonah Yoga, we use metaphor as a framework for the work, envisioning our body as a house with three floors and nine rooms; a place we occupy, mess up, clean up, refurbish, redesign, and restore.  We use this metaphor as a tool to gain insight into where one spends most of their time, which parts are overused, underused, relied upon, ignored.  The goal is to occupy the space with efficiency…….travel to and live in every room and utilize what each room offers for our optimal health, safety, well-being, and joy.


However, what Kumi and Alex have noticed throughout trainings in NYC and LA, is that in order for metaphor to maintain its potency, it must be reinforced in reality.  So, for example, it’s sexy to say we’re in the ‘basement of our house’, but where are we really and what happens down there?  We know our bodies are designed to fit, but how? What’s the artful architecture of our roost?  By taking this idea of the body as the house and embroidering it with Kumi’s knowledge of human anatomy -- our biology,  bones, organs, glands, muscles and fascia -- we are better able to understand our experience as both mortals and magicians.  


Join Kumi and Alex for a workshop on the anatomy of the abode...a workshop about human design and how we rouse and revify our make up with the magic of metaphor.


In this workshop we will:

  • Learn to merge the pragmatic functionality of our body’s anatomical landscape with the esoteric charisma and dimension of metaphor and imagination

  • Learn about the Fascial Web and how it connects the whole body from feet to head

  • Understand the organs and glands, their functionality and where they live inside the body

  • Explore the joints and how they fit together, their range of motion potential; the bones and how they connect via the joints to create the framework of our form; the muscles and how they connect, move, and stabilize our bodies


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to Feb 17



Ak'bol Yoga Belize
with Alex Sharry & Kate Posch

A change in scenery is always helpful for the mind, body and spirit (especially in the middle of a NYC winter). Come to a slice of paradise with us this winter for a week of diving into yoga, swimming in the warm Caribbean, eating clean, local food, and soaking up some sun. SKY TING queens Alex and Kate will take you deep into your practice - expect innumerable insights and a greater understanding on how to use yoga to enhance your life!


  • 7 nights stay at Ak’bol Yoga Belize
  • All meals (light breakfast, lunch, dinner), except 1 dinner off!
  • 14 Yoga/Pranayama/Meditation  classes (twice daily except first and last day)
  • Unlimited Water, Juice and Tea
    Note: Tip for staff is not included, but $50 for the week stay is encouraged. There is also a departure tax of $40US when leaving Belize City International airport on the way home paid at BZE.


  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Day trip on Catamaran
  • Massage


  • Flights should be booked into Belize City. From Belize City there are two options to get across the water to Ambergris Caye.
    Note: The first yoga class will begin at 5pm on the first day, and we will finish with an early morning yoga session on the last day.
  • Tropic air: Ak'bol will reserve ALL Tropic air tickets for group directly from Belize City International Airport to San Pedro $157.75US round trip per person. The tickets are reserved by Ak'boL so there is no waiting, and guests will pay for their tickets directly at check in before boarding the plane, with CC or cash.
  • Water Taxi:  Take a $25-30 US taxi directly from International airport to the water taxi terminal in Belize City roughly 30 minutes. The boat ride over is $15US one way per person and roughly a 1 1/2 hour ride.

    There is a daily schedule and two water taxis, both are walking distance away from one another. We recommended taking Tropic air over if landing after 2pm so guests can arrive to Ak'bol in time for the Welcome Yoga + Dinner at 5pm.


  • CABANA with full sea views (One Queen Bed and 2 Twin Beds)
    • SOLO: $3,100
    • DOUBLE: $2,500
    • TRIPLE: $2,300
  • CABANA with garden and sea views (One Queen Bed and 2 Twin Beds)
    • SOLO: $2,900
    • DOUBLE: $2,300
    • TRIPLE: $2,100
  • PRIVATE ROOM with shared bathroom: $2,100
  • SHARED ROOM with shared bathroom (two people per room): $1,900

There is an early bird discount on listed prices of $100 off until December 1, 2017.
$800 non-refundable deposit required to hold your spot, full balance due by January 10, 2018.
Please read our cancellation policy on retreats below before signing up!

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Lefkada, Greece Yoga Retreat
to Jul 16

Lefkada, Greece Yoga Retreat

Folding and Unfolding

katonah, pranayama, workshops, vinyasa, restorative

We're heading to Lefkada, Greece! 

Our yoga retreat will be held at the Urania Luxury Villas, on a low hill overlooking the Ionian sea.  Each villa is private on the land, nestled amongst oak and olive trees.  All homes have an ocean view and their own private pool + sun deck.

There are several residences. Each can sleep up to six people (two per room). Single room options are available at an adjusted rate. 

Our yoga studio (where we'll be spending most of our time) is perched on a cliff overlooking the sea and is positioned far from any main road.  It comes equipped with props, mats and an ocean breeze.  

We'll be diving into Katonah Yoga practices and workshops that will inspire change in our organs, glands, nervous systems, yoga practices, lives.  The classes will be all levels, all bodies, all inclusive.

We’ll spend some time Urania'sprivate beach, which is a 15/20 minute walk from our hilltop home.  We will also visit some of the Mediterranean's most famous beaches:  Egkremnio, Porto Katsiki, and Gialos.  Urania is only about 3 miles from Vasiliki, which is the most famous bay for surfing + other water sports.  We’ll take a mid-week boating trip and island hop to local swimming holes.  

All meals are home cooked and fresh from the local farms.  We will eat together outdoors on a private balcony and drink wine purchased from the local vineyard.  




$2000 for shared room

$2800 for single room

** 50% non-refundable deposit due to hold spot.  The remaining 50% due May 1, 2017.


Included in Price:

Transportation to Lefkada from Athens; transportation from Lefkada to Athens

Two yoga classes per day

Food and Drinks:  three meals per day, coffee, tea, wine

Day trip on boat

Welcome gift

Excluded from Price:


Transportation to/from airport (to hotels/homes)

1 night hotel in Athens (7/8 - before morning pick-up on 7/9)**

Cabs in Lefkada

Additional activities, meals, purchases in Lefkada

Private Yoga Session - Scheduled in advanced (email alexsharry@gmail.com)

Transport to/from Athens if coming late or leaving early

* This price point is based off of two people per room, as each sleeps two very comfortably.  Limited space for single room inquiries available.  Please email alexsharry@gmail.com for pricing details.

** We highly recommend that you fly in to Athens on 7/8 and stay at a local airbnb or hotel. The shuttle that is included in your rate will be picking us up from an Athens Hotel (specific address TBA) in the morning (exact timing TBA).  IF YOU MISS THIS SHUTTLE, YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR TRANSPORT AT A PRICE THAT IS NOT INCLUDED IN RATE PROVIDED ABOVE.  Lefkada is a 6 hour drive from Athens.  You will be making a stop at some ancient ruins and for a quick snack along the way so that your journey will be broken up and you’ll have the chance to admire some history and stretch your legs.

We will have a restorative, stretchy session and some good food upon your arrival.


Lefkada (or Lefkas) is ringed by electric-blue water, and shimmers with wild olive groves and the spear-shaped forms of cypress trees. Despite being connected to the mainland by a narrow causeway it feels in places distinctly untamed by the tourism footprint, whose developed enclaves tend to be on the east coast. Lonely Island

Lefkada is characterized by its verdant forests and fertile valleys that reach its coasts. It belongs to the famous Ionian complex and lies close to the Albanian coasts. The whole island is extremely blessed with impressive landscapes, endless golden sandy beaches with crystalline waters, traditional villages and several busy tourist resorts that suggest a plethora of summer activities. Lefkada deep religious roots are shown in the number of Orthodox churches, archaeological sites and museums. The beautifully well-preserved town of Lefkada combines a plethora of traditional features and world-famous facilities which attract hundreds of tourists in the summer. A trip to the surrounding settlements of Lefkada is a chance to experience the warm hospitality and cheerful mood of the locals. The island is ideal for all tastes and ages. www.greeka.com



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Mid-week Escape:  Glamping at Firelight :: Ithica, NY
to Jul 22

Mid-week Escape: Glamping at Firelight :: Ithica, NY




Need to retreat yo’self? This is the ultimate yoga glamping getaway. Be prepared to unplug, eat delicious locally sourced food, and workout both your body and mind...all without having to get on a plane or rearrange your summer weekend plans. This is an all levels yoga reatreat (even if you’ve never done it before!) and  the perfect mini retreat if you need a quick getaway to decompress or even a mini vacation without the kids...and it’s only a short car or bus ride away. Join Alex Sharry (Skyting Yoga, Y7, Katonah Yoga), and Vanessa Adamo as they take you to one of the most chic glamping experiences you will ever find at Firelight Camps.

We love this campground because it operates like a high quality hotel... with the perks of being outside. The furnished lobby tent includes front desk reception, their bar serves an array of Finger Lakes craft beverages, and their platform tents are furnished with hardwood floors, a king or queen bed with plush high thread count linens and safari-inspired furniture. Each tent includes a private balcony for soaking in the natural beauty with a good book, a fresh mug of coffee or a cocktail.

There will be plenty of yoga (daily group sessions and a private session as well), hiking, chilling, smore’ing, and quiet time if wanted.  

When you change your physical environment and move your practice from the city to the great outdoors, you’ll change the way in which yoga moves and works for you. On our retreat, we will offer you techniques to help you actively participate in your own self care. We’ll use Katonah Yoga theory and asana to explore how to bounce back from the crash at the end of a busy week, rebound from illness and injury, and how to use the practice and poses as tools to help you live a more conscious life.



HOUSE ME: 3 days, 2 nights at Firelight Camps (tent options below)

YOGA ME: 4 yoga sessions and 1 Private yoga session per person

FEED ME: Complimentary tasting each night of Finger Lakes craft beverages as well as  continental breakfast every day, featuring artisanal breads, butter and preserves, pastries, fresh fruit, yogurt, house granola, seasonal juices, tea, coffee and milk. Gluten-free and vegan options are available.

ENTERTAIN ME: Private Guided Hike at Buttermilk Falls included with this booking, Bocce ball court, and other onsite games

BONFIRE ME: Smores Bonfire, Campfires tended daily in the morning and evening

GIFT ME: Welcome Gift

BATHE ME:  The beautiful newly renovated bath house puts the "glam" in glamping. Located a 1 - 2 minute walk from your tent, you'll find hot showers with changing rooms and full-length mirrors, flushing toilets and ample space to make yourself feel refreshed. Hairdryers, co-friendly shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion and laundered towels are all provided.


DRIVE ME: Ithaca is a short drive from NYC by bus or car (about 4 hours). If you need help carpooling we can set you up with other guests!

SPA ME: Spa services at the onsite August Moon Spa with discounted rates

BARK ME: Want to bring your dog? Let us know upon booking and we can work it out for a small additional fee


SINGLE - Private room King bed, $1000 per person (1 person)

DOUBLE OCCUPANCY KING OR DOUBLE OCCUPANCY WITH TWO QUEEN BEDS - Shared King Room OR 1 Room with 2 Queen Beds, $800 per person (2 people)

TRIPLE ROOM WITH TWO QUEEN BEDS - Shared Queen Room with 2 Queen Beds Each, $700 per person (3 people)

QUAD ROOM WITH TWO QUEEN BEDS - Shared Queen Room with 2 Queen Beds Each, $600 per person (4 people)

While it’s always great traveling with friends, you can absolutely travel alone. We’d be happy to facilitate a new friend(s) to share a tent with!

Limited space available. 50% deposit due by June 20th to hold your space, or pay in full by this same date and receive an early-bird discount of $50 off. Remainder of balance due by July 1.

Have questions? Want to reserve a spot?  Reach out to Vanessa Adamo at vanessa@northstarynr.com

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Tulum with Alex + Lauren
to Mar 11

Tulum with Alex + Lauren

t u l u m

march 5 - 11, 2016

my dear friend and teacher, Lauren Fecarotta and i are hosting a retreat to TULUM smack dab in the dead of winter - march 5 -11. not only is this time of year the primetime to thaw your bones and swap out soup for tacos, but retreats are an incredible experience that offer you the space to do what you want, be it to indulge in your practice and connect with others, or to take some much needed alone time to do you. please join us.

** here's the deal **

get yourself to cancun, and we'll arrange everything else...that includes transportation to tulum, 6 nights lodging at a jungle side eco lodge steps from a beautiful beach, daily breakfast and lunch at different restaurants, and organized dinner outings at our favorite spots, two yoga classes per day and ample time for swimming, sunning, reading, and frozen cocktails on the beach.

there will be plenty of time to visit the cenotes, swim with giant sea turtles, shop for dream catchers and bike to the ancient mayan ruins.

private and shared rooms available with private or shared bathrooms, from $1050

message me for more information at alexsharry@gmail.com.


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Katonah Yoga Workshop at Lucent
2:30 PM14:30

Katonah Yoga Workshop at Lucent

:: Katonah Yoga at Lucent ::

Sunday, February 7, 2016 : 2:30pm - 5:30pm - $50


Katonah Yoga is a practice rooted in Taoist theory using sacred geometry, metaphor and the physical exploration of archetypes to recognize and restructure the patterns found in one's body and one's life. The practice is encompassed by the idea that through changing one’s physiology, the psychology follows. Katonah employs principles to organize and explore patterns in nature that are found in the body in order to live conscious, well-adjusted lives.

Expanding Your Practice With Katonah Yoga

In this workshop Abbie and Alex will lead you through a general Katonah Yoga class where you will be introduced to asana as metaphor and the embodiment of theory where strength is not a muscular grip, but an intellectual construction of one's structure. A pose is never held, but rather articulated and redefined so personal techniques and unconscious habits give way to new ways of consciously traveling one's terrain. This is what improves the function of form, one's housing for organs, glands, bones.

We will break the postures down in order to more deeply understand the three floors of the body; the penthouse - one's clairvoyance, the living quarters - one's heart and lungs, and the boiler room - one's primitive nature. We will close with a pranayama practice positioning ourselves in the realm of our imagination, spirit and higher vision in order to finish our practice in ascension. There will be hands-on adjustments, structural discussions of poses and how to set them up and a communal discussion based workshop portion providing you with the opportunity to learn more of the Katonah practice and to come away having honed several new skills and ideas for working more efficiently as teachers and students.




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Katonah Yoga Workshops at LOVE
to Jan 30

Katonah Yoga Workshops at LOVE


:: Katonah Yoga at LOVE ::

Friday 1/29 1:30 - 3   $30

 Saturday 1/30 1 - 3   $50

Join me and Adrian for two Katonah workshops LOVE in LA.  

Sign up here: LOVE

FRIDAY will be a hands-on Katonah Yoga class, introducing the Katonah theory and how it lands in the body.  We will workshop several poses and guide you through a 90-minute class that incorporates adjustments and discussion/breakdown of individual poses. Oh!  And a juicy pranayama too!

SATURDAY will be a full blown adjustment workshop, focusing on the proper way to both support and challenge someone with the use of adjustments, props and the physical contact that drives theory into a student's physical experience.

email me with any questions:  alexsharry@gmail.com

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