Alex has been teaching yoga for the past seven years throughout Manhattan and Brooklyn.  She uses movement, repetition, rhythm, and theory as driving forces in her classes and believes that through this practice we can practically, actively, and consciously move through ourselves, with ourselves, in order to know ourselves better. Alex uses asana practice and the potent Katonah Yoga theory to help her students better discern blind spots in their bodies to avoid being blindsided in their lives, to meet resistance with a curiosity and an appetite for exploration, and to get closer to themselves in these shapes to get closer to themselves in their lives.  

Alex is a founding teacher at The Studio and Sky Ting Yoga.  She is a lover of yoga (obviously), her friends, her family, rotisserie chicken, her teachers, students, chips and dip, and dogs. Alex teaches regular public and private classes, workshops on the east and west coasts, and internationally, and delights in giving these teachings wheels and wings.